NAHSL 2008 Conference
October 19 - 21, 2008
Lowell, MA

Welcome to NAHSL 2008

Join your NAHSL colleagues in Lowell, MA, a half-hour north and west of Boston in the Greater Merrimack Valley—a region rich in history and natural beauty. See where our nation’s struggle for independence began and experience the birthplace of America’s Industrial and Literary Revolutions. There is an undeniable spirit in the Greater Merrimack Valley, the same spirit that gave birth to our country and will invigorate NAHSL 2008!

Opening Reception at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum
Sunday, October 19, 2008!

The Museum is part of the Lowell National Historic Park.

"Don’t miss the roar of a 1920s weave room with operating power looms! The Boott Cotton Mills Museum includes the weave room plus interactive exhibits and video programs about the Industrial Revolution, labor, and the rise, fall, and rebirth of Lowell."

NAHSL 2008 Poster Session

Have you worked on a project that would be relevant and interesting to health sciences librarians and/or other attendees at NAHSL? Have you presented a poster recently at another conference that you would like to display again? If so, please consider presenting at the poster session at this year’s NAHSL meeting in Lowell. The poster session will occur on Monday, October 20 from 4:30 to 6:00 (and posters will remain in place during the cocktail reception that will be held in the same space).

Presenters are asked to submit an abstract using this form (downloadable in PDF). Please complete and send the application by mail, fax or email to by September 22, 2008. Visit this page from the MLA 2008 meeting for tips on preparing a poster (Ignore MLA deadlines/dates and electronic copy requirements.) Boards on which to hang your poster will be available and we are working on other items (such as table, chair and electricity mentioned on the MLA page). All posters, from professionally printed to cut-and-paste are welcome.

Whether new or "slightly used", the NAHSL Poster Session is a wonderful opportunity to share your work and ideas with your regional colleagues.